Java Programmer’s jobs: Discover how to land the best one.

Sharpen Your Testing Skills

Development is usually the main priority of every Java developer. Most Java developers leave testing for Test Engineers or the Quality Assurance team. In this dynamic industry, the rules are changing. Now Java coders are expected to be able to test their own codes themselves. At least up to a point. Onsite development companies actively seek testing skills during recruitment.

There are a lot of new frameworks and tools available for Java programmers to conduct unit tests and integration tests on their applications. The better-known tools are:

  • Mockito and PowerMock for mocking
  • Cucumber for automated integration tests and the
  • JUnit 5 Library for unit testing

Proficiency with these skills greatly adds to the prospects for Java programmers.

Upgrading your testing skill can make you eligible for a job for Java programmers where testing skills have been specified in the job description.

Use Of Git And GitHub

Git and GitHub have been dependable tools for programmers for quite some time. These are distributed version-control systems used for tracking changes in the source code of the software during its development phase. They are mainly used to maintain coordination among programmers, and for tracking the versions for errors management. 

Most new Java coders do not have much experience with Git or GitHub. Either they do not know how to use it or as they are usually working on a project by themselves, they do not need to coordinate with anyone. Error handling can also be done without Git or GitHub. GitHub is mainly used among new programmers to download projects. It can be then easily run from Eclipse or any other IDE. 

See Also: Migration To Git and Github[2]

Since most of the onsite development companies are migrating their projects from SVN or CVS to Git in 2020, it has become necessary for every Java developer to learn Git/GitHub to be able to get a Java programmer’s job.

Android Development

If you are seeking a Java programmer’s job and you do not know how to develop an Android Application in 2020, you are definitely lagging behind! Android is currently the most popular platform, and is widely used to write mobile applications. The Java market has expanded noticeably with the popularity of Android which has grown job prospects for Java programmers in the past few years. Although there are some serious competitors in the market, Java is still standing strong in the market, thanks to its rich community and tools.

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