Java Programmer’s jobs: Discover how to land the best one.

Having basic knowledge about Android Development is a must as mobile application development is extremely common in onsite development companies. Even if you do not want to pursue mobile application development, basic to intermediate knowhow is crucial for landing a Java programmers’ job.  IT recruiters would naturally lean towards a candidate with knowledge and experience in more areas of Java development. 

DevOps Knowledge

Since 2019, many companies have been focusing on DevOps. They have been adopting continuous integration and deployment to facilitate next-generation performance and agility.

 As the name suggests, DevOps is a set of practices and principles that combine software development and software operations’ rules to build, test and release applications relatively faster and with more efficiency. 

From a Java developer’s perspective, DevOps is an expansive field. It requires a lot of tools and principles to learn. It can be very new and overwhelming for many developers especially new ones.

Getting to know DevOps does not mean to dive headfirst into it. A Java programmer’s job usually does not require expert DevOps skills, but with its rising trend you can at least familiarize yourself with its principles. 

DevOps is quite helpful for a Java Programmer in terms of saving time and resources in the development process of a Java Application. This also helps in fulfilling the requirements and delivering the Java application faster to end users. A certain knowledge about DevOps will be appreciated when you apply for a job for Java programmers.

It also opens up an option for Java developers to pursue DevOps in the future. If you are an experienced Java programmer and have a passion for managing the environment, automation and improving the overall structure of an application, this is the way to go!

Spring Framework 5

The Spring Framework is one of the most popular frameworks among Java coders. It has been widely used for creating high performing, easily testable and reusable Java code. Spring 5 was released some time ago. It was the first major release, taking place nearly four years after Spring Framework 4.0. It offers some new features like:

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