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  • Reactive Programming Model on Spring 5
  • Adoption of recent Java features and
  • Some unit testing improvements as well.

Spring 4 supported Java 6, 7 and 8, to maintain backward compatibility. But Spring Framework 4 didn’t adopt many new features which Java 8 offered, like Lambda programming. Spring 5 has baseline Version 8.  So it offers many new features of Java 8 and 9 as well. In many cases, IT recruiters specify the required Spring Framework in the job description while posting a Java programmer’s job. As the latest version, Spring Framework 5 supports all the features of Java 8 as well as further JDKs, increasing your knowledge. (And your chances of getting a job for Java programmers). 

RESTful Web Service

Other than application development, top software engineers working with Java have also made it one of the best languages for writing REST APIs.You can easily implement secure and scalable RESTful Web Service in Java using the Spring Framework.

The combination of Java development and REST API writing skills is quite rare. Hiring managers are hard pressed to find developers who have both.  Although both skills are highly desirable within the Java community, this combination has not been prioritized much among Java developers themselves. Java coders tend to go with either one, and then master just that one skill. Although both skills are part of the Java community, they are very different. You won’t see any Java programmer’s job ad asking for both skills. But onsite development companies would see this combination as an asset. A Java developer, having this combined skillset can surely be a promising candidate for a job for Java programmers. 

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Microservices are an extension of RESTful web services in Java. These break up the source code into small, distributed, and independent services for improved management of software. Microservices’ architecture has come more into the limelight lately because it has proven to be ideal architecture for the cloud: It offers easy scaling with on-demand resources. However, it does require proper design and a significant degree of preparation.

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