Java Programmer’s jobs: Discover how to land the best one.

The Spring Framework is an ideal option for working on microservices. It provides common features, specific for business logics and also obscures the details required for cloud-based development. This makes it easier to understand, especially if you do not have much experience with cloud development.

Containerization Using Docker And Kubernetes

You have probably heard about containerization using Docker and Kubernetes and the impact it has had on DevOps teams. The first thought that probably comes in every Java developer’s mind is, “Ah! another new technology to learn!” But containerization is not just another technology. It is a truly revolutionizing concept that can transform the whole Java community.

Containerization is a way of packaging software. What makes it unique is that all of your application’s code, libraries, and dependencies are packed together in the container as an immutable artifact and you can easily run it like running a virtual machine. (But without the exercise of starting a whole new operating system).

Docker helps you create and deploy software within containers. Kubernetes on the other hand, is a container orchestration platform, allowing large numbers of containers to work in parallel, thereby reducing  operational burden on the systems.

Nowadays,  almost every development team uses Docker and Kubernetes. If you are looking for a Java programmer’s job today, you will most likely come across Docker at some point. It’s better to learn about it now.

Cloud (AWS)

Together with containers, cloud technology is another area every Java developer must master in 2020. Companies (irrespective of industry and domain) are now shifting their data to the cloud. It offers advantages over on-premise storage, such as the edge cloud has in cost-, time- and resource-saving and also better scalability. A range of cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provide several options to choose from.

What is the lesson we infer? A recent job for Java programmers will most probably require cloud experience from the candidates. Once onboarded, they will expect you to work with cloud-native applications sooner or later.

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